PhD enrolment procedure

1 – Applying / Looking for funding

Students should contact their potential academic supervisors directly. Consult :

  • The list of laboratories and their website links to find out about the research topics of the various research teams that accept doctoral students and the contact details of the researchers concerned.
  • The list of subjects likely to be eligible for research grants
  • The list of other thesis proposals

Applications for research grants from the Universities must be sent to the directors of doctoral programmes with the approval of intended academic supervisors and the director of the laboratory. The deadline for applications is by June 15. The application form can be downloaded from the Doctoral School website or picked up from the Doctoral School’s Student Administration Service.
Ask your academic supervisor about other forms of funding.

You must be accepted by an academic supervisor and obtain funding for your thesis proposal in order to be eligible for enrolment.


2 – Admission for a PhD degree

The admission process is described on the corresponding institution’s student administration website page :

You need to obtain an individual authorisation to enrol for a PhD degree (accompanied by the PhD charter for the first enrolment). This document, along with your detailed academic records (mandatory to obtain authorisation to enrol) can be downloaded from the Doctoral School website or may be obtained from the Student Administration Service. Completed forms should then be submitted to the Doctoral School for formal acceptance : 

  • students enrolled at Lille 1 University submit their application to the Doctoral School Student Administration Service 
  • students enrolled at the ULCO submit their application to the Thesis Office
  • students enrolled at the University of Artois submit their application to the Research and Doctoral Studies Service

(see contact details of the different services on the “Administration” page)


3 – Students who do not hold a French Master degree


You must obtain an equivalence by requesting the Validation of Prior Learning Experience. Further information about this procedure is available on the websites of the institutions concerned.


Inscription Pédagogique à l'ED SMRE (exclusivement sur ADUM) :

Qu'est ce que l'ADUM : cliquez ici

1ère année

  • Pour les doctorants :

- Schéma de l'inscription en thèse

- Vademecum de l'inscription sur ADUM

- Comment remplir sa CIF

  • Pour les encadrants :

- Connexion sur votre espace encadrant

- Validation de la CIF par les encadrants

- Schéma de l'inscription en thèse

 2ème et 3ème année

  • Pour les doctorants :

- Guide et schéma de la réinscription en thèse

  • Pour les encadrants :

- Avis inscription en thèse 2eme ou 3eme année

- Guide et schéma de la réinscription en thèse

Inscription en 4ème année et plus (Régime dérogatoire)