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PAH measurement in flames by coupling molecular beam and laser induced fluorescence

Geological fieldtrip during an unicellular algae proliferation on the shores of Boulonnais (Northern France)

Observation of zeolithe minerals using an "environmentam" scanning electron microscope

Observation of ordovician microphytoplankton (400 millions years) using a photonic microscope

Sediment and water sampling campaign in the Deûle canal

The parasol instrument being integrated on Ariane 5

Femtosecond amplified Titanium - Saphire laser source for ultrafast spectroscopy

Optical fibre fabrication : installation of the preform to be drawn in optical fibre of 125 microns

Optical fibre fabrication : drop off at the beginning of the fibre drawing (furnace at 2100°C)

Sorting of macrozoobenthos

Fieldwork on the shores of Boulonnais (Northern France)

Measurements of juvenile fitness traits in plants

Sedimentary cores sampling in the Authie estuary

Stratospheric research aircraft (Proteus) during the Crystal-Face measurements campaign (2004)

High field (9.4 ) Fourier Transform- Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass spectrometer

X-ray powder diffraction equipment

PhD Topics

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