The organization of the graduate school and its training activities were presented at the launch meeting.

Powerpoint file of the presentation




The Doctoral School for Materials, Radiation and Environmental Sciences (EDSMRE) was founded in 1992. As a multi-disciplinary institution, it offers a programme of excellence through research and training in fields that include Physics, Chemistry, Environment, Earth and Life Sciences and Agro-Food Biotechnologies. It was set up to organise and coordinate the training of doctoral students in order to prepare them for their future career, whether in business and industry or research and higher education.

Its focus is on:

Increasing the skills of future doctors:

  • through a multi-disciplinary research approach
  • by offering academic, scientific and technical courses
  • through conferences of widespread interest to the scientific community involved.
  • by ensuring a high quality environment for the PhD students
  • by guaranteeing the academic excellence of the research teams
  • by offering support to students whenever necessary, from their initial registration and subsequent eligibility to setting up examination boards in keeping with the Theses Charter (limitation of number of PhD students per supervisor, mediation if necessary, etc.).

Fostering international opportunities within the framework of the Doctoral College Lille Nord de France

  • promoting international exchanges (co-supervised theses, mobility opportunities during the thesis programme, etc.).
  • enhancing the stay of foreign doctoral students (competitive recruitment process, courses in French as a foreign language)
  • offering courses in professional communication in foreign languages to develop skills for easier integration within an international firm or research team.

Better preparing graduate doctors for the workplace :

  • by providing specific “Professionalisation” courses to help them develop a career plan
  • by promoting the image of PhD graduates and developing links with industry.
  • by helping PhD students to optimise their job search and provide them with the necessary support facilities
  • by monitoring the careers of Doctoral School alumni